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myautoIQ launches real-time AI platform to transform automotive customer acquisition and engagement

The Saas company helps auto dealers identify, score, and engage with potential customers across the United States

[NEW JERSEY 7 JANUARY 2020] - myautoIQ, a SaaS company targeting buyers in the automotive industry, announces the launch of its proprietary AI engine. This technology provides targeted customer acquisition and personalized engagement capabilities to car dealers across the United States.

myautoIQ uses behavioral predictions, targeted recommendations, and lead scoring to help auto businesses improve customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction. myautoIQ provides three key capabilities to auto dealers:

Identify: Targeted acquisition of new customers in dealer target areas for specific car models.

Score: Scan, score and identify sales leads from incoming opportunities in real-time.

Engage: Provide behavioral predictions and recommendations for customer engagement.

The company’s software is powered by an AI-engine that uses machine & deep learning and data science algorithms to provide actionable data on potential automobile customers. Their AI-engine works on a proprietary big data model combining offline and online attributes of buyers. This powerful technology provides behavioral predictions, scoring, and recommendations for the US auto buying population.

myautoIQ’s intelligence is delivered through a SaaS platform when the customer interaction is happening or needed. The software’s predictions include which car the customer is likely to buy next, feature preferences, how much each customer is likely to pay, and which stock car fits the buyer’s profile, along with dozens of other metrics that improve automotive sales.

This data-backed tech changes how the franchise and independent dealers engage and acquire their customers. Auto dealers today are heavily reliant on customers finding them, whether through posting inventory online or in their broad marketing efforts. myautoIQ changes that by enabling auto dealers to find the right customer for the right car at the right time, and provide the right offer.

Auto dealers are flooded with thousands of opportunities generated through online inventory placement. myautoIQ’s behavior prediction models predict a score for every lead and customer in real-time to identify the dealer’s top leads, enabling them to prioritize leads and increase efficiency.

“Over the past few years, we have seen AI and machine learning leveraging big-data to transform online business models,” said Vikrant Pathak, CEO and Chief Data Scientist at myautoIQ.Customers are hooked on their favorite media streaming and online shopping channels. Think of myautoIQ as your favorite movie or music channel, only instead of recommending a film, it recommends potential buyers for your cars in your target area. And instead of scoring movies or music for you, it scores your customers and leads to identify likely buyers.”

“myautoIQ does not need dealer data or complex integrations to get started. It comes packaged with proprietary data for the US auto-buying population, along with pre-built connections to online inventory placement platforms, to provide immediate ROI,” said Rohit Sharma, Chief Technology Officer at myautoIQ.

About myautoIQ

myautoIQ is on a mission to change how auto businesses acquire, engage with, and retain their customers by making every customer interaction personalized and intelligent, using real-time AI, and proprietary data, delivered within the business workflow.


Name: Luca Tofan

Phone: 1-646-480-0356


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