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myautoIQ announces the launch of the World's First Vehicle Information Generative AI Tool

North American car dealers can use the tool to create compelling vehicle information that is personalized for every car shopper

Press Release

New Brunswick, NJ (4/11/23)—myautoIQ, a leader in AI and automation solutions for auto dealers, today announced the launch of the world's first Vehicle Information Generative AI tool. Using the tool, North American car dealers can create a personalized vehicle information snippet and provide decision-aiding information to the car shopper, which helps them along the buying journey.

myautoIQ shopper nurturing products are defining the future of auto dealer sales follow-ups. Using myautoIQ's proprietary CDP (Customer Data Platform), content engine, process automation, and OpenAI's GPT and other models, myautoIQ nurtures every customer for the dealer. These nurturing flows consist of personal messages based on each shopper's needs, preferences, and shopping history. Shoppers receive relevant, decision-aiding information that motivates them to return to the dealership when they are ready to buy. As a result, dealers gain increased sales and reduced follow-up costs.

myautoIQ is now making one part of the platform, the vehicle information snippet generator, available as a free tool for dealers. Shoppers have many questions and considerations when buying a car. For dealers today, showcasing vehicle information in a way that resonates with shoppers requires a huge effort. This new tool will make that process effortless. Dealers just input the shopper's preference for a car and the model of interest, and in a few seconds, they get a vehicle information snippet that they can use.

“North American auto dealers are frequently asking about AI, Chat GPT, and how they can use it," said Rohit Sharma, Chief Technology Officer at myautoIQ. "myautoIQ customers are already seeing better business results from adopting our technology platform. We created this tool for dealers outside our customer base to see personalized content generation for their shoppers' vehicle of interest in action, get a hands-on feel with generative AI technology, and even use it for their sales follow-ups.”

To learn more about the applications of Generative AI across the myautoIQ products, please contact the team here.

About myautoIQ:

myautoIQ is on a mission to power digital transformation for car dealers by introducing and embedding personalization at scale into their business processes. myautoIQ’s zero-touch shopper nurturing platform uses AI and process automation to revolutionize auto dealer sales follow-ups by treating each shopper as an individual with distinct needs and thoughtfully aiding each shopper through every step of the car buying journey. myautoIQ customers drive 5-15% of sales every month using the shopper nurturing platform without involving any staff . For more information, please visit

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Meghan Henshon



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