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Meet myautoIQ

Powering digital transformation for auto dealers

Today, the auto dealer landscape and customer profile, buying expectations, and expectations from the dealer are changing more rapidly than in any other industry. Staying the same is not an option. 

myautoIQ helps dealers adapt quickly by bringing in the core capability needed for the transformation: zero-touch, personalized automation at scale.

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Our Story

Engage every customer like an individual

We live in a world where online businesses know a lot about you and use data and machine learning to get significant revenue and customer loyalty uptick. AI-driven personalization, recommendation, and predictions have increasingly become central to our lives, whether we watch our favorite streaming movie channel, listen to music, or shop online.
However, this unprecedented innovation seems to be missing the location-based businesses like the retail auto industry. Being car lovers at heart, we asked why? Why can't an auto business use the same super technology to boost sales and personalize customer interactions and engagement? 

When a customer walks into my dealership, why can I not get all the information about customers in real time? Being sci-fi movie geeks, we visualized a hologram surrounding each customer, which gives the dealers all the information regarding the customer and their vehicle for optimal engagement, selling, and retention. Wouldn't that be cool? That thought is what got myautoIQ rolling in 2018.

Meet myautoIQ leadership team


John Glover

  • LinkedIn

VP Sales & Revenue Science


James Fleming

  • LinkedIn

Director of Sales


Meghan Henshon

  • LinkedIn

Head of Marketing & Brand Communications


Vikrant Pathak

  • LinkedIn

CEO & Chief Data Scientist


Rohit Sharma

  • LinkedIn

Chief Technology Officer

What makes myautoIQ different?

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