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About Us

myautoIQ’s company and culture are a lot like our product.


They’re continuously innovating, learning, and improving to drive stronger business value for your dealership and a delightful experience for your customer—the car shopper. 


Our Mission: Helping Thousands of Dealerships Increase Human Capital Efficiency


We believe in providing technology that increases the effectiveness of car dealerships' human capital investments.


That is why we focus on intelligently automating tasks that humans are not best suited to. By freeing up human capacity, we create more human potential so that staff can perform better at the tasks that will have the most positive business impact.


We also believe that technology should be accessible to all, not just a few. Therefore, we build solutions that enable the small rural franchise dealer to drive the same efficiency and experience as a large technology-intensive dealership.  


We believe none of this can be achieved without maximizing ease of use. That is why we put no-touch at the heart of our solutions. When your dealership works with our technology, they will find it as easy as turning on electricity! 

Our Story

In 2018, ex-work colleagues Vikrant Pathak and Rohit Sharma noticed a major gap in car dealership operations. The curation, customization, and personalization that consumers experience abundantly in music and movie streaming, as well as online shopping, had not made it to dealerships. They founded myautoIQ to bring car shoppers a similar dealership experience to what they had already come to expect elsewhere in society.


Along the way, myautoIQ became hyper-focused on becoming the best-in-class in solving one part of the problem they saw at car dealerships⸺bringing that personalized experience to car shoppers when they submit their leads. By solving long-term lead follow-up, myautoIQ addresses one of the most significant areas of operational inefficiencies for car dealers: the problem of dead leads.  

Meet myautoIQ leadership team


Nick Hardwick

  • LinkedIn

Director of Sales


James Fleming

  • LinkedIn

Director of Business Development


Meghan Henshon

  • LinkedIn

Head of Marketing & Brand Communications


Vikrant Pathak

  • LinkedIn

CEO & Chief Data Scientist


Rohit Sharma

  • LinkedIn

Chief Technology Officer

myautoIQ business impact by the numbers


Active prospects in nurturing funnel


Monthly sales from dead leads


Avg monthly person hour effort savings

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Fill out this form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.   

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