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Meet the best long-term lead follow-up technology

With myautoIQ, dealerships don’t have to give up on leads after 30 days.

Bring dead leads back to lifeno training, process change, or staff investment required.


Trusted by dealerships across the US and Canada

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17% of monthly sales from dead leads 

Hyundai dealer preparing to sell dealership uses myautoIQ to increase sales and profits and gains


The Dealer Principal at a Hyundai dealership in Pennsylvania was considering retiring and wanted to ensure a strong valuation when he sold his dealership. However, his dealership struggled to grow its sales and profits. Despite increasing lead generation investments, his sales were flat. He realized that his dealership lost 93% of the leads and wasted the investments. 


During the 21 months leading to the dealership sale, personalized nurturing resulted in 17% of sales coming from unsold shoppers.  It created a follow-up safety net to ensure no shopper fell through the cracks while increasing efficiencies by enabling staff to focus on responsive buyers. The additional sales, gross profits, and efficiencies made the dealership's top and bottom line look much healthier.



Sales Influenced
over 21 months


Revived leads to sales conversion rate


ROI on gross profit over 21 months

"myautoIQ does an amazing job of turning unsold shoppers into buyers. Every month, we get at least 10% of our sales from opportunities we considered lost."
Ken, Dealer Principal

Dead leads hinder revenue & profit growth


Dealership car shoppers go unsold every month


Industry average sales from shoppers 30 days after coming in


Car shopper still shopping 90 days after they submitted the lead

Long-term lead follow-ups are hard

After analyzing lead follow-ups for more than 5,000 dealers, myautoIQ knows why dealership CRMs become graveyards for dead leads.

Expensive and inefficient

Manual follow-up tends to be sell-or-die as the staff gravitates towards new, hot leads. For dealerships analyzed - 60% of dealerships stop active follow-ups within 7 days, and 90% within 30 days. 

Car shoppers take

Car shoppers are actively shopping for 90+ days and are undecided about the make/model, new/used, or lease/purchase at the start of the journey. 

Tools target low-funnel buyers

Available tools provide minimal personalization, relevant content, and little to help car shoppers with their buying journey. The typical message asks: Are you still interested? 

myautoIQ makes long-term follow-ups easy!

myautoIQ starts with a simple promise: our technology revives dead leads and converts them into buyers.

myautoIQ uses data, content, AI, and automation to craft unique follow-ups for every lead. These follow-ups provide decision-aiding information relevant to the buyer and nudge them to the next step so they are engaged and return to your dealership when they are ready to buy. 

What makes myautoIQ the best long-term lead follow-up technology?

myautoIQ integrates with your current dealership tools and processes

Zero-touch solution: Automating dealership tasks and making human capital more efficient 

myautoIQ is a zero-touch solution - no clicking, behavior change, process change, or training is required from dealer teams. Our integrations ensure it fits into the sales workflow, and 24/7 updates are in the CRM.


The savings and efficiencies don't stop there.


myautoIQ technology doesn't need training as its Machine Learning & Automation are already trained to be the best. It shows up every day, works 24/7, never takes a lunch break, never goes on vacation, calls in sick, and doesn't need benefits.

It delivers on its goals, consistently driving 5-15% of your sales every month from dead leads—all at a fraction of the cost of one sales employee. 


CRM Integrations

Fits into all sales workflows

Google Analytics Integration

ZERO Training Need

ZERO Staff Investment

Start reviving dead leads in 14 days

Get started with the Best Technology for Long-Term Follow-ups today!

14-Day Onboarding

  • Analyze the last 24 months of sold and unsold data to create buyer target profiles and clean data, and ensure that the template branding aligns with your dealership and brand.

  • Based on our data analysis, we will also give you recommendations for improving your dealership's operational efficiencies.

  • The total dealership time investment required during onboarding is 2-4 hours.

No Setup Fees

  • There are no setup or onboarding fees. Your monthly subscription billing starts once onboarding finishes and nurturing starts.

Minimal Ongoing Staff Time Investment

Ongoing time investment from the dealership: 30-60 minutes per month to align with dealership marketing, offers, and inventory focus areas. That's it—no staff investment for managing yet another tool for your dealership.

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Driving operational efficiencies for Independent and Franchise dealers across the US and Canada 

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