• Convert your service customers
    into sales leads
    scanIQ identifies high potential customers from your service lane
    and alerts your sales team with recommended selling options
  • Do you know who is looking for a car
    you want to sell?
    conquestIQ drives targeted customer acquisition
    Reach out to only the highest potential buyers for the make and model you want to push
  • Business recommendations to power
    customer engagement and acquisition
    engageIQ provides predictive and prescriptive recommendations and decision support
    across every customer interaction to maximize customer engagement and experience

myautoIQ , Driving Smarter Dealership Decisions

Meet myautoIQ, an AI-powered platform which leverages the power of machine learning to drive insightful and engaging service experience, recommends offers for converting service customers into new car buyers, and identifies likely buyers in the neighborhood of your dealership.

Meet myautoIQ Artificial Intelligence Engine

myautoIQ is built around a proprietary artificial intelligence prediction and decision engine with access to millions of datasets. myautoIQ’s AI capabilities extend to all of the key elements of the dealership, like service customer engagement, prediction of customer's needs, targeted new customer acquisition and personalized marketing and outreach.

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Essential Intelligence for Your Dealership


Predict customer requirements and needs


Score customers and external leads


Recommend personalized offers


Engage your customer with unprecedented intelligence

myautoIQ brings revolutionary AI capabilities to your Dealership


Digitize customer engagement touchpoints

AI-Power for the Full Customer Journey, from Acquisition to Engagement to Retention


Drive targeted customer acquisition by reaching out to only the highest potential buyers in the neighborhood for the specific make and model that you want to push

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Continuously scan and score service customers or external leads to identify sales targets and get the intelligence needed to close the deal

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Get an unprecedented glimpse of the customer and their vehicle, predict requirements and behavior, and deliver personalized upsell and cross-sell recommendations

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myautoIQ Is changing the way auto dealers engage and acquire their customers


Our machine learning algorithms provide information, predictions, and recommendations to provide dealers with smart, and efficient decision-making capabilities.
Drive more sales by personalizing customer acquisition and existing customer engagement, generate leads from existing service customers and convert them into repeat buyers.

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