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Lead follow-ups for your car dealership

Convert lost opportunities into lifelong customers with myautoIQ.


Our AI-backed lead follow-ups are proven to grow dealership profits while reducing follow-up and marketing costs.


myautoIQ customers consistently get results

PA-Hyundai Dealer_edited_edited.jpg

17% of monthly sales from dead leads 

Hyundai dealer preparing to sell dealership uses myautoIQ to increase sales and profits and gains


The Dealer Principal at a Hyundai dealership in Pennsylvania was considering retiring and wanted to ensure a strong valuation when he sold his dealership. However, his dealership struggled to grow its sales and profits. Despite increasing lead generation investments, his sales were flat. He realized that his dealership lost 93% of the leads and wasted the investments. 


During the 21 months leading to the dealership sale, personalized nurturing resulted in 17% of sales coming from unsold shoppers.  It created a follow-up safety net to ensure no shopper fell through the cracks while increasing efficiencies by enabling staff to focus on responsive buyers. The additional sales, gross profits, and efficiencies made the dealership's top and bottom line look much healthier.



Sales Influenced
over 21 months


Revived leads to sales conversion rate


ROI on gross profit over 21 months

"myautoIQ does an amazing job of turning unsold shoppers into buyers. Every month, we get at least 10% of our sales from opportunities we considered lost."
Ken, Dealer Principal

Tired of losing car shoppers every month?

Let us know if this rings a bell:

You are losing 80-95% of your car shoppers every month. Your sales or BDC teams struggle with follow-ups, and hardly any sales come from shoppers after 15 days.  

We've heard this story before. Lead follow-ups are one of the biggest challenges that dealerships face today. The lead volumes make it impossible to address these potential car buyers manually.

The common follow-up approaches hinder more than help this situation. They treat all shoppers as ready to buy, rely on sell-or-die manual outreach, and use cookie-cutter information and automated solutions that do not engage or personalize.


But it does not have to be your story anymore. Your dealership can consistently convert lost shoppers to buyers every month with myautoIQ AI lead follow-up automation. Get started with a free consultation.

Trusted by Franchise & Independent Dealers across the US and Canada 


myautoIQ puts your dealership communications on autopilot

myautoIQ uses data and AI to craft unique follow-ups for every lead. These follow-ups provide decision-aiding information relevant to the buyer so they are engaged and return to your dealership when they are ready to buy. myautoIQ works straight out of your CRM without involving any dealership staff.

Winner of the 2023 AWA AWARD

Best in Auto Dealer Marketing Automation

myautoIQ can deliver unprecedented results for dealers who feel that they have very disjointed marketing or conflicted marketing messages


Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG Companies and Brian Pasch Enterprises


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Treat every auto customer like
an individual

Get a 360-degree view of every auto shopper to identify how they need to be nurtured, for how long, at what cadence, and with what type of content.



Personalized nurturing journey for every auto customer

We mash up the content based on shopper intelligence and create dynamic workflows with a dynamic messaging cadence to create engaging messages.



Relevant content to influence the
buying journey

"Influence the car shopper’s buying journey by bringing in the right content from different sources— dealer, vehicle, OEMs, and influencers.



Zero-touch solution
Seamless Integration

No clicking, behavior change, process change, or training is required from dealer teams. Certified integrations with most CRMs, tools, and processes are available.

Getting started with myautoIQ is simple

We help Franchise & Independent dealerships and dealer groups across the US and Canada maximize the potential of every shopper. 

myautoIQ fits right in your ecosystem and is fully compatible with your sales and marketing technology tools and processes. Sign up for simple monthly subscriptions with no setup fees. 



We’ll learn more about you and your goals to help you choose the right myautoIQ AI nurturing products. 



In our 14-day onboarding process, we'll customize myautoIQ AI nurturing for your dealership needs.



Watch your traffic, sales and profits grow. Convert lost shoppers to sales every month.

Transform your follow-ups without adding staff Drive 5-15% additional sales every month

Car shoppers may spend as long as 180 days on their car-buying journey. Is your sales follow-up strategy aligned with that market reality?​

A sales follow-up strategy is vital for any car dealer to increase sales. But it's not just about sending a great message —you must send the right one at the right time to the right customer with the right content. 

Sounds daunting to do manually or with current tools? We agree. That's why myautoIQ provides you with the critical technology to power all your customer communication so that your sales team can focus on doing the job they do best - close sales.

Wondering how to draft the perfect messages? Read our sales follow-up email guide to understand what goes into each message.

See AI in action. Try our AI Email Generator.

Wondering how AI can generate personalized text aligned to a shopper's vehicle of interest? Check out our personalized email snippet generator tool. 

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