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Data Lake Anaytics

Data-driven decisions for your auto business

Get actionable intelligence for improving the customer experience at your retail auto business and the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales and marketing processes.

Get the answers hidden in your data

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myautoIQ’s data lake combines myautoIQ shopper intelligence, derived from 40 years of North American car buying and ownership data with dealer leads, dealer inventory, and relevant external data (Google Analytics, PPC, Facebook ads, etc.). We provide actionable information from facts and trends in this data lake for making data-driven decisions for your dealership or dealer group.


Get an unbiased view of your marketing efforts—who is buying, what is selling, where the inefficiencies are, and more.

Our customers love myautoIQ analytics!

I have not seen anything like myautoIQ analytics. It combines my dealership data with external data and I finally know who my customer is, which neighborhoods I need to target, and what online channels are working. 

Schedule a consultation and start making data-driven decisions for your auto-business.

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