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Email Deliverability

Hit inboxes every time with premium email deliverability

Hit the inbox every time, and not in spam. myauoIQ guarantees premium email deliverability so your leads see your emails and have a better chance of being opened.


Are your sales emails being seen by your shoppers?

You will not be seen if your emails aren’t hitting inboxes. Email deliverability isn’t a luxury for effective lead follow-ups, it’s a necessity.

myautoIQ monitors lead follow-up email performance 24/7 to ensure that you are hitting inboxes and continue to do so. Spend less time wondering whether your emails are being seen and more time closing new customers with myautoIQ. 

Hit the inbox every time

If your emails aren’t hitting inboxes, they won’t be seen and certainly won’t help nurture shoppers into customers. myautoIQ continuously monitors and optimizes your dealership nurturing campaigns to ensure your emails hit inboxes and are seen.

24/7 monitoring and optimization

myautoIQ runs 24/7 to monitor the performance of your emails and optimize them as needed to ensure they continue to hit inboxes and are seen by your leads.

Send the right message at the right time

Stop sending automated and formulaic sequences with myautoIQ. myautoIQ learns from your shoppers to dynamically adjust when emails are sent and ensure they are sent at the right time. Not only does this help ensure your emails are open, read, and clicked, but it also helps prevent emails from going to spam.

Zero-touch, works with your CRM

myautoIQ is a certified partner with most auto dealer CRMs, bringing you cutting-edge insights and premium personalization technology to make your CRM and sales follow-ups smarter. myautoIQ is a zero-touch solution. Your dealership doesn’t have to do anything to get this lead follow-up automation straight out of your CRM. 

Backed by data

We don’t just follow trends, we set them. myautoIQ’s algorithm is trained on over four decades of car and truck buying consumer habits and your CRM to power your dealership’s sales follow-ups and set it up for success. We ensure the right message reaches the right customer at the right time, every time.

Turn your dormant leads into new customers today

myautoIQ can help your dealership get 5-15% additional sales every month by turningyour dormant leads into customers. Here’s how:



Schedule time with our team to help us learn more about your goals and choose the right myautoIQ nurturing products.



During our 14-day onboarding process, we’ll customize myautoIQ to fit your dealership process and needs.



Once implemented myautoIQ will works 24X7 to resurrect dormant leads into customers every month.

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