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Betanews: How real-time AI can help make decisions throughout the customer journey

Real-time AI can help you make decisions throughout the customer journey. Whether focusing on customer acquisition, customer service or customer retention, the scope and accuracy of AI is excellent. Besides enabling businesses to earn promising leads, optimize customer service, and secure long-term customers, AI actually provides a deeper understanding of user behavior.

Crucially, this understanding is backed up by data that is continuously learning and improving. AI can therefore soundly anticipate user behavior and empower companies to cater to consumer needs before they even arise.

Real-time AI is even facilitating a new type of business: insights-driven businesses. These AI-equipped companies have a significant advantage when making core decisions around growth and strategy. Statistics from Forrester Research already show that insights-driven ventures, on average, grow at a 30 percent rate per year. Plus, these types of organizations are set to be worth $1.8 trillion by 2021.

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