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Auto Success: Use Newly Acquired Capabilities To Transform Customer Experience

There’s no question that 2020 has fundamentally redefined the sales process for car dealers — in fact, the pace of this change can be nearly overwhelming. One McKinsey report found that ecommerce channels, including car dealerships, have experienced 10 years’ worth of growth in just the last six months. Many dealers made significant investments in digitizing and providing end-to-end shopping capabilities online, including remote video walkthroughs, cross-country home delivery and more.

This has the potential to change the customer car-buying experience. However, in the automotive industry, where the vast majority of historical sales deals have occurred on the lot, many dealership owners have traditionally been reticent to fully embrace the digital transformation. They’ve viewed the digital channel simply as a means of lead generation and inventory placement — but this view is now rapidly changing.

This necessity-driven change is a big forward-step for the car-dealer industry. Dealerships that embrace the new capabilities brought about by digitization will have a significant leg-up over coming years.

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