• Re-Imagine Service Lane
    Digitize and personalize your service lane - predict requirements and behavior and deliver personalized recommendations

Intelligent service lane for changing service customer engagement and experience

engageIQ enables service advisors to obtain an unprecedented glimpse of the customer and their vehicle, predict requirements and behavior, and deliver personalized upsell and cross-sell recommendations. Improve your service advisor efficiency and create time for customer engagement and identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities via the pre-filling of orders, real-time chat, and monetizing digital vehicle inspection recommendations.

Own your customer’s digital experience

Delivers a true end-to-end digital experience, driven by customer experience needs, automating and digitizing customer engagement touchpoints, to better cater to the new digital generation. Features include easy-to-complete tablet-based digital agreements between the dealership and delivery of digital vehicle inspection reports and service records. Create trust and drive up customer loyalty via better transparency in service transactions – direct chat with customer, real-time estimates, service history, digital inspection reports, and service updates.

Convert your Service Advisors to Customer Engagement Experts

myautoIQ provides a 360 view of the customer, their vehicle and service history, providing an unprecedented customer engagement view to your service advisors, making every customer feels valued when they walk through the door. myautoIQ believes that an engaged customer is a loyal customer, thus uplifting your customer retention efforts. myautoIQ Service Lane makes it easy for advisors and creates time they can devote to customers.

Monetize Information, Cross and Upsell

myautoIQ enables you to increase your customer's per-visit revenue by maximizing internal and external information monetization opportunities. Maximize recall repair revenue by bringing customers with recall needs to the dealership, maximize recommended maintenance service revenue by delivering manufacturer recommended maintenance recommendations and maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities by monetizing digital vehicle inspection reports.