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Personalize, and Automate lead follow-ups with


Car buying is becoming increasingly virtual. You need to know more about your leads for effective follow-ups and greater outcomes for your auto business. However, most leads come with just the name and email, and maybe a car of interest.

What if you knew the shopping stage, likely next car, other cars from the inventory that they may like, and a whole lot more about each lead? What if you can then automate and personalize each lead's engagement based on their profile and preferences?


With scanIQ, you can!


Lead follow-up was the biggest issue at my dealership. I had to chase my sales team for follow-ups continuously, and they hated the manual tasks. With myautoIQ, my follow-ups are automated and personalized. And my sales team loves it as they can focus on qualified leads. 

Let's talk about the elephant in the room

Why do auto businesses have low lead conversion rates?

Why do auto businesses lose more than 90% of the leads? Why do buyers take the time to reach out but do not end up buying? Is it because they are not yet ready to make a decision? Or did your cookie-cutter responses turned them off? We see three key problems:


Quantity Vs quality

You may be getting a lot of leads. The question is, can you identify the real buyers from the window-shoppers? You may also have received hundreds and possibly thousands of leads in the last few months that did not convert. Do you know which ones of them are still shopping?

Cookie-cutter responses

Once a lead or customer comes in, are you resorting to using predefined standard response messages? What if you knew the shopping stage, likely next car, other cars from the inventory that the lead may like, and a whole lot more about each lead?

Sales process not aligned to buyer

Your sales process may stop follow-ups after a few days. However, buyers do not shop as per your sales process calendar. What if there was a way to personalize, prioritize, and automate the follow-ups, aligned to the buyer's shopping stage and preferences?

Find out how you scanIQ makes your auto business' lead follow-ups efficient, and effective, and increase return on your digital investments

what can scanIQ do for my auto business? 

Convert more leads to revenue

scanIQ is the auto industry's first real-time lead intelligence solution. It enables your sales follow-ups to align with buyer's shopping stage and provides personalization and automation, converting to down the funnel buyers 

Sample scanIQ automated follow-up cycle


Hannah Jones: Interested in 2018 Honda Accord EX. Value Shopper. Next car budget 20-25K

New Lead


Price Changes

Stock Changes

Unique nurturing cycle for Hannah (and every lead) to maximize conversion potential

Nurture highlighting dealer uniqueness, cars she may like, offers, based on lead intelligence

Alert Hannah of any price drops for the car of interest or similar cars

Alert Hannah of the car getting sold with options, the addition of new cars she may like


Drive Sales Efficiency

Drive intelligent follow-ups using lead intelligence like how actively is the buyer shopping, car, and inventory options, and a lot more. Also, score your past leads and customers to identify sales targets for nurturing.

Personalized, engaging messages

Deliver personalized, engaging, right-timed messages for every lead. Instead of one canned message for all, every lead gets personalized nurturing based on the car they expressed interest in, suggesting similar cars, ramp-up cars, price and stock changes, and more. 

Intelligent, Automated Follow-ups

Stop chasing your sales team for creating manual, cookie-cutter responses to your sales leads. scanIQ acts as your personalized and automated follow-up channel, which is continuously working on engaging the lead and brings them back when they are ready to buy. 

Get your follow-up score!

Ever wonder what car buyers think of your lead follow-ups? Find out how you stack up by filling the form below! myautoIQ does ghost shopping on your website and rates your responses and identifies opportunities for increasing lead conversions

Thanks for submitting your request! We will be send your follow-up score and analysis within the next 2 weeks

Follow-up score1.png

what can I use myautoIQ for?

Increase your lead follow-up efficiency while reducing cost

scanIQ drives automated and engaging follow-ups at a fraction of the cost of an employee. And your staff can focus more on value-added activities than be bogged down with manual and repetitive tasks. Here are some ways our customers use scanIQ:

Automated BDC

Drive automated timely and personalized follow-ups for inbound leads as they come in or after your active follow-ups stop. Learn more

Convert Dormant Leads

Find new buyers for your cars from dormant leads without making new lead-generation investments. Learn more

Inventory Nurturing

Automate nurturing of the leads with relevant inventory updates, stock and price change, alternates, and more. Learn more

After-hour Follow-ups

Start engaging after-hours leads as soon as they come in, whether your dealership is open or not. Learn more


Monthly pricing starting at $900

Simple, straightforward pricing. Select the features you want, the lead volume, and you are ready to go. Pay only for what you find useful for your business. Combine usage across stores and get even more discounts

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