• Can you identify sales leads
    from incoming opportunities?

Auto customers generate opportunities as they go through their buying process. You receive thousands of those opportunities through your third-party partners, website, and OEM sites. You also have your dealership customers who may have started the car-buying journey, and some may even be coming for service. Auto-customers are also more likely to do business with your dealership if you offer them personalized engagement and experience.

How do you:

  • Identify which of the opportunities are real Leads?

  • Identify potential sales leads from service customers?

  • Personalize the engagement with your top leads?

scanIQ prioritizes all opportunities and customers with a single score!

scanIQ solves these problems for you and is the perfect tool for BDCs, sales, and internet teams. It continuously scans and scores all your incoming opportunities and existing customers, walk-in or service, to identify high priority sales targets for your sales team to focus on with behavioral predictions and recommendations for customer engagement.

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  • Real-time

    Real-time scoring for inbound leads

  • Single view

    A single view of all your scored leads

  • Flexible

    Define the number of leads and sources to scan

  • Personalized

    Get personalized recommendations for each scored lead

How does scanIQ work?

myautoIQ’s AI engine uses machine and deep learning technologies, scans millions of data points, both nationally and locally, and builds behavior prediction models to score the auto buying population. scanIQ then uses the behavior prediction models to predict a score for every lead and customer in real-time, and provide predictions and recommendation for customer engagement.

Connect the third-party site, website and service appointments

Connecting your opportunities and customers to scanIQ is very simple. scanIQ can instantly connect with your incoming third party, website, OEM ADF opportunities. You can also connect your service appointments through API or file upload.

Check for valid opportunities

Once a lead comes in, the first step is to check for valid opportunities. scanIQ identifies duplicates and invalid opportunities, i.e., opportunities missing basic information.

Check for real buyers

The next step for scanIQ is to check for opportunity's identify using an identity-scoring mechanism. This ensures that you are talking to real buyers only

Score opportunities

Once an opportunity is validated and identified, it is sent to myautoIQ AI engine for scoring it in realtime

Single scored view with Customer intelligence

scanIQ presents all incoming opportunities through an easy-to-use dashboard which is a sortable, searchable, and filterable list of targeted buyers, with intelligence and scoring on every lead.

scanIQ Features

scanIQ is simple and easy to use. You interact with scanIQ through a dashboard which brings all your opportunities in one place. You can look at top myautoIQ scores, high-potential service customers or sort, filter and organize it any way you want.

Single, scored view

scanIQ enables you to drive real-time prioritization of all incoming opportunities, identify leads, and send qualified leads to CRM. Key features include:

  • Single scored view of all inbound leads across various sources, website, third party, OEMs
  • Identify sales leads from service customers
  • Real-time scoring, prediction, and intelligence for all the scanned leads
  • CRM companion. Send only the qualified leads to CRM
  • Find the highest potential leads for specific stock models

Lead scoring and engagement

scanIQ provides you unprecedented intelligence to prioritize and engage every lead:

  • Scores to drive lead prioritization - an overall myautoIQ score, customer score, active shopper score
  • Customer recommendations, including likely next car, next car buying range, next car preference
  • Add trade-in recommendations to your customer engagement dashboard by entering the VIN and related details.