Don’t lose a big majority of your incoming leads

Engage your leads with a custom nurturing approach that is individualized for each one of them… automatically. 

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 Why do buyers reach out but not end up buying?

Is it because your cookie-cutter follow-ups are unable to engage the customer? Or is it because your follow-up is driven by the sales cycle, and not the buyer’s shopping stage and preferences, and stops after a few days?

We think there are three main reasons why current tools and approaches do not help.

Customized nurturing approach - individualized for each lead in real-time!

myautoIQ uses AI to create buyer intelligence and vehicle recommendations. We use this information along with unique dealer values/offers to create a customized nurturing workflow for the specific lead/buyer

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myautoIQ automation drives nurturing for customers in different stages of your sales process:

Increase your inbound lead conversion rates by 50%+

Lead follow-up was the biggest issue at my dealership. I had to chase my sales team for follow-ups continuously, and they hated the manual tasks. With myautoIQ, my follow-ups are automated and personalized. And my sales team loves it as they can focus on closing buyers and building relationships. 

Personalize and automate your inbound lead follow-ups. Schedule a demo to see how myautoIQ can increase your inbound lead conversions.