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Real-Time Nurturing

Increase conversion rates from inbound leads

Engage your inbound leads with myautoIQ AI nurturing that is individualized for each lead… automatically and in real-time. 


What is your lead follow-up strategy?

Why do buyers reach out but not end up buying? Were they bad leads, or is it because of your lead follow-up strategy and tools used? Let's look at the common ones used at dealerships today and why they fail.

Templated automation

Are you using templated, time-bound automation for your lead follow-ups? It doesn’t help much. You end up sending cookie-cutter responses just through a machine with no intelligence and, therefore, unable to engage your prospects!  

​​Conversational AI and texting strategy

Conversational AI or texting is good for low-funnel buyers, but most lost leads are not. When your lead does not want to have a “conversation,” is not yet ready to buy, or is not engaged with your messages, there is not much that conversational AI or text tools can do.


Increase BDC or sales staff

Follow-up staff can build surface level relationships and engage ready-to-buy buyers. But they tend to be process driven, inconsistent, have specific working hours that limit their influence, and don’t know enough about buyers to engage each lead individually. 

Customized nurturing approach - individualized for each lead in real-time

myautoIQ uses AI to create buyer intelligence and vehicle recommendations. We use this information, bring in the right content, and create the right cadence to create a customized nurturing follow up for every shopper. 

The result is that every prospect has a  unique nurturing cycle that motivates them to consider your dealership more seriously and increases your lead conversion rate.

Increase your inbound lead conversion rates by 50% with myautoIQ real-time nurturing. Schedule a call to get started.
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