Monthly Pricing starting at $900

Simple, straightforward pricing. Select the features you want, the lead and conquest volume, the channels you want to use, and you are ready to go. Pay only for what products and add-ons you find useful for your business. Combine usage across stores and get even more discounts.

Every myautoIQ package includes:

Find new buyers through conquestIQ

Get instant alerts for high-conversion potential leads

Nurture and convert identified buyers to warm leads

Get buyer intelligence for online and conquest leads

Score online leads & database customers in real-time

Interested only in buying scanIQ or conquestIQ? Yes, you can buy any of our products, Ala carte. Visit scanIQ or conquestIQ product page for pricing information for ala carte purchases.

Get even more value out of your myautoIQ investment using our optional product add-ons



Ensure OEM compliance of creative assets used for conquestIQ buyers. Take advantage of your OEM’s co-op dollars and compliance with the standards. If you are an independent or running conquest for your used car department, you don’t need this add-on.



Think your customer base responds better to postal mailers? Use this add-on and myautoIQ will bring the same level of personalization to postal mailers, enabling you to include postal mailers as part of the conquestIQ lead warm-up process.



Use this add-on if you want myautoIQ to nurture the target buyers through social channels in addition to the regular conquestIQ nurturing cycle, further increasing your returns. 

Take advantage of our Back-to-Business incentive 

As part of our commitment to helping our dealer-partners come out strong after the recent challenging period, we are offering a back-to-business incentive. Talk to us to avail of this special offer! 

Getting started with myautoIQ is simple!

myautoIQ does not need complex integrations or dealer data to start delivering buyer intelligence, predictions, recommendations, and scores immediately. Here are some more reasons to love myautoIQ:


Getting started with myautoIQ is easy. Just point your online lead providers to scanIQ and identify your conquest targets, and you are good to go!


myautoIQ's pricing model is simple - pay only for the features you use, add-ons selected and volume of usage.


myautoIQ has built-in access to millions of data points of US auto-buying population for real-time buyer intelligence.


Choose what myautoIQ features you need. Add incremental platform capabilities on demand.


myautoIQ provides a clear and measurable return on your investment, all visible through real-time analytics.


myautoIQ runs on scalable, high-availability cloud infrastructure with world-class security.

Start using myautoIQ and enrich your customer interactions without any tie-ins or lockouts while enhancing the ROI of your existing investments in your online channels.