Customer Lifecycle Management Platform

Driving proactive, automated, and personalized customer engagement for retail auto businesses!

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Customer engagement for a car retailer today tends to be transactional, driven by dealership processes. We turn it on the head and provide an automated, customer-focused engagement approach that integrates with your ecosystem and works with you regardless of your digital marketing sophistication.

What we do?

Craft unique customer journeys using buyer & vehicle intelligence along with retailer and brand values 

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myautoIQ platform uses AI to provide rich buyer intelligence, deeper vehicle, brand and dealer value recommendations and a custom nurturing approach for each individual lead/customer. This enables our customers to engage their leads/customers with a more personal and informational approach, resulting in higher sales conversions and loyalty.

myautoIQ works within and enhances retail auto eco-system... seamlessly

We work with industry-standard lead interchange formats. All our customers need to do is forward their leads to an email box, and our nurturing engine kicks in. In addition, we integrate with leading CRM solutions, 3rd party providers, harvest your website assets, and more.

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Quick setup: Plugin your leads and CRM, and you are ready to go! 

Comes with integrations needed: Major CRMs, lead providers, website


No-touch automation: Turn on and forget it, just see the results month over month. 


Simple pricing and clear ROI: Monthly subscription model based on usage.   


Real-time: Built-in access to myautoIQ data lake and intelligence for the US population

Certified CRM Partner

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