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Nurture Every CRM Customer

Your CRM is an untapped goldmine

Turn your past leads and past sold customers into a steady pipeline of potential buyers and loyal customers  with myautoIQ AI nurturing.


How are you engaging your CRM leads and sold shoppers?

Auto dealer CRM grows 2-5X the inventory size... every month. Over time, that represents thousands of potential shoppers and loyal customers. How are you maximizing the potential of every CRM lead or sold customer?

Equity mining tools?

Equity mining helps you mine the equity of customers who bought from you. But the thousands of dormant prospects have never bought from you and have no equity, and there is not much that equity mining tools can do in that case.   

​​Blast mailers?

Is your strategy to send blast mailers & monthly newsletters? What happens when you keep blasting your CRM prospects with messages that may not be relevant to them? They end up unsubscribing, and you lose the opportunity to convert them into buyers or loyal customers.

Cookie-cutter automation?

Are you thinking of a templated, time-bound automation strategy for reaching every CRM customer? It is best to avoid this approach. You still end up sending cookie-cutter responses, just through a machine that lacks intelligence and can still not engage your CRM leads.

myautoIQ is the companion that every dealership sales and marketing process needs

Automate Lead Follow-ups

myautoIQ automates and personalizes lead follow-ups in real time, reducing the need for large follow-up teams.


Drive Sales Process Efficiencies

myautoIQ's 1:1 customer engagement follows the customer through their buying journey, increases sales conversions, and fits right into your sales processes. It frees your sales follow-up staff to focus on what they do best—addressing responsive, ready-to-buy customers. 


Keep every CRM customer engaged

myautoIQ does your sales follow-up heavy lifting. We become your safety net to ensure that your dealership maximizes every shopper and sold customer in your CRM.

Nurture every CRM lead or customer based on their shopping stage and preferences.

Create a safety net to maximize the potential of every CRM lead or sold customer. Schedule a call to get started.
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