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Re-Think Lead Follow-ups

Current Follow-ups Don't Engage

The typical messages call for the lead to get back without a real reason. Or blast mailers that are not unique and one-off.


A car dealership receives hundreds and possibly thousands of leads in a month. With today's inventory situation, most of these buyers are still in the market after 30 days. Some are delaying purchases, while others consider preordering a vehicle. Especially now, it is daunting, if not impossible, for any BDC team to follow these leads manually, and current automation does not help.


There is a better way

myautoIQ follow-ups engage the lead with:

  • Specific cars & vehicle options

  • Reasons to buy/order from the dealership

  • Reasons to buy/order a particular brand

  • Offers that resonate


While automatically tailoring each response for the individual lead, just like your best sales rep does.

CRM updates come standard

myautoIQ integrates with the dealership CRM to identify dormant leads automatically and enroll them in campaigns. Activities, such as emails, opens, and clicks, are recorded in the CRM. Your BDC/Sales team has the complete history at their fingertips. Furthermore, myautoIQ stops nurturing leads when they contact the dealership automatically.

myautoIQ-CRM Updates.png

Don't worry about the content, we'll get it!


myautoIQ picks up relevant content from dealer and OEM websites automatically. Our messages reflect your branding and your differentiators, just like you intend. Your marketing team can focus on putting up great new content on the website, and it will automatically appear in myautoIQ follow-ups.

Customers love myautoIQ

“We see strong results with myautoIQ. The product does an amazing job in turning dormant leads into buyers. Last month, it drove 16% of our monthly sales. Every month we average at least 10%."

Ken Shreve - Hamilton Hyundai.jpeg

—  Ken S Dealer Principal, Hyundai Dealership

Get started with myautoIQ today!

The current inventory situation will not last. Supplies may reach a comfortable level, and preorder is here to stay. Get your dealership ready with the best customer follow-ups regardless of how the market shifts.


Reduce the burden on your BDC teams. Remove the need to add staff just for follow-ups. Let myautoIQ reach out to your dormant leads automatically. Schedule your meeting with myautoIQ today by clicking the link below.