• Do you know your auto customer?
    With myautoIQ AI-engine, it is never a guessing game!
    Engage the individual,
    not the masses
    Identify the right customer
    from the crowd

Real-time behavior predictions to solve your key auto customer acquisition, engagement and retention problems

myautoIQ uses behavioral predictions to drive targeted customer acquisition and personalized engagement for your auto business. Ever wondered why you are hooked to your favorite streaming video, music, and online shopping channels? They're driven by artificial intelligence algorithms which continuously recommend the next movie to watch, the next music to listen, the next gadget to buy. myautoIQ's behavior prediction engine uses similar technologies to provide three key capabilities to auto businesses:

  • Identify

    Identify target buyers in specific geographies, for a specific car or car types

  • Score

    Score and identify sales leads from incoming opportunities in real-time

  • Engage

    Behavioral predictions and recommendations for customer engagement

Meet myautoIQ Artificial Intelligence Engine

myautoIQ is powered by a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine. The AI-engine uses machine & deep learning and data science algorithms, and works on the big data for the US auto customers, to drive targeted customer acquisition, scan and score incoming opportunities and provide customer engagement intelligence and predictions.

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Power your full customer journey through three connected products

myautoIQ's comprehensive set of features power your full auto-customer journey, from targeted acquisition to personalized engagement and retention, through three connected products, which come built-in with intelligence for the US auto buying population and real-time delivery

  • conquestIQ

    Drive targeted customer acquisition by reaching out to only the highest potential buyers in the neighborhood for the specific make and model or car type

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  • scanIQ

    Continuously scan and score external leads and existing customers, walk-in or service, to identify and prioritize your sales team's targets

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  • engageIQBETA

    Create an engaging service experience. Predict requirements & behavior, and deliver personalized upsell and cross-sell recommendations

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What myautoIQ is not

Not an equity mining tool

myautoIQ is not a dealer data-mining solution. The customer data you have is only a very small fraction of the data needed for our behavioral predictions. While we can take your data to refine the scores based on customer loyalty and lifetime value, our AI-engine works on a proprietary big-data universe which brings together the various facets of auto-customer profile.

Not an analytics tool

While we provide you the ability to analyze past performance, ROI or very interesting views of your inbound leads or the profile of your past buyers, the value of myautoIQ comes from the ability to provide real-time predictions when the customer interaction is happening or needed.

Not a data provider

myautoIQ does not sell data and is not a data provider. Our proprietary predictions and recommendations data are available for our customers through the myautoIQ platform and to our partners as an API.

myautoIQ is simple to use with a clear return on investment!

Trying myautoIQ is simple. We do not require dealer data or integrations to start delivering recommendations immediately. Start using myautoIQ and enrich your customer interactions without any tie-ins or lockouts while keeping your existing investments intact.

Simple Pricing

Simple monthly subscription pricing based on volume. No long-term contracts.


Prebuilt solution with access to millions of data points for real-time intelligence.


Choose what features you need. Add incremental platform capabilities on demand.

Clear ROI

Clear and measurable return on your myautoIQ investment.

myautoIQ brings revolutionary AI capabilities to your dealership.

Secure Setup

Runs on scalable cloud infrastructure with world-class security.