Get 360-degree customer view for customer engagement, loyalty, and retention with engageIQ

Car dealer service lane is an untapped goldmine, where customer experience and engagement can drive to a loyal customer base. 


engageIQ enables service advisors to obtain an unprecedented glimpse of the customer and their vehicle, predict requirements and behavior, and deliver personalized upsell and cross-sell recommendations. 

Change your service customer engagement and drive service lane profitability with engageIQ



Intelligent service lane for changing service customer engagement and experience


Improve your service advisor efficiency and create time for customer engagement and identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities via the pre-filling of orders, real-time chat, and monetizing digital vehicle inspection recommendations.

Own your customers digital experience

Delivers a true end-to-end digital experience, automating and digitizing customer engagement touchpoints. Features include easy-to-complete digital agreements between the dealership and delivery of digital vehicle inspection reports and service records. 

Service Advisors to customer engagement experts

myautoIQ provides a 360 view of the customer, their vehicle, and service history, providing an unprecedented customer engagement view to your service advisors, making every customer feels valued when they walk through the door. 

Monetize information, cross sell and up sell

myautoIQ enables you to increase your customer's per-visit revenue . Maximize recall repair revenue, recommended maintenance service revenue, and maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities by monetizing digital vehicle inspection reports.

Self-Service power and convenience to the customer!


engageIQ customer self-service is an essential customer engagement, retention, and loyalty-building tool for your dealership. It is not a replica of the current dealership website but a personalized app and site for your customer that is focused on providing self-service, relevant information, and digital records. A car is a major, frequently used asset, and engageIQ self-service enables customers to be in touch with their car's information and needs. Your subscription enables you to start providing scheduling, digital records, direct customer messaging, personalized offers, and more without spending thousands of dollars. Key features include:

Appointment booking made for customers

myautoIQ ensures that scheduling appointments is easy, transparent, and gives the same experience irrespective of the channel - self-service through your website, customer app, through their favorite voice assistant or call-in bookings , all having the same experience. 

Integrated Marketing and OEM Maintenance 

See your per-order revenue go up, even before the customer comes in for service! Help the customer pick what service they need and recommend offers that are personalized to the specific customer and car. 

Self-Service Recall Worksflow

Pptimal execution on recalls can see drive your service shop efficiency, revenue, and profit increase! Leverage our self-service recall scheduling workflow, to maximize your recall revenue while keeping the flexibility of which days recalls can be planned.

Personalized Marketing Solution For Service and F&I


engageIQ enables the creation of truly personalized offers for service, warranty, and prepaid maintenance, all through automated, guided, AI-driven self-service. engageIQ applies intelligence to dealer’s existing customer information and uses engine power to mine the equity of dealer customer data set for trade-in, service, and F&I offers, enabling dealers to send focused offers only to those customers who are likely to use them. myautoIQ solution comes with inbuilt access to all the external data needed for your marketing efforts and provides for automated offer delivery through email, postal, social channels, or customer app. 

One Digital Marketing Solution for Service and F&I 

Marketing offer creation has never been simpler! Leverage engageIQ to create offers for service, pre-paid maintenance, and warranty. Use myautoIQ AI engine's predictive power to optimize your marketing efforts - get recommendations on which offers to create, which are popular, which service items are being used. 

Guided marketing offers and personalized delivery

Use our simple, guided interface for self-service creation of your marketing offers. Use pre-built templates for sending offers or copy from previous offers. Then, tap into the power of our personalized marketing engine to ensure the offer is sent to only those customers who need it and are likely to use it.

Automated delivery through email, postal or app 

Use our built-in plugins and templates to automate offer delivery through email, post, or myautoIQ app!. Our personalization engine ensures every customer receives a personalized offer and not an apparent blast mailer. Change the way you work and take control of your service marketing efforts