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There is gold in them dormant leads!

There is gold in them dormant leads!

There is gold in them dormant leads!

There is gold in them dormant leads!

Turn your past leads, past solds, past anything into a steady pipeline of new leads and buyers.

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Auto retailers accumulate dormant leads 2-5X the inventory size... every month!

A typical dealership receives hundreds and possibly thousands of leads every month, more than 90% of which go dormant.

If you follow those dormant buyers, a good proportion of them end up buying, just not at your dealership.

What's your strategy for converting your dormant leads to buyers? 

Customized nurturing approach - focused at warming up cold leads

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myautoIQ uses AI to create buyer intelligence, vehicle, and dealer value recommendations. We use this information along to create a customized nurturing workflow for the specific lead/buyer. The result is every dormant prospect has a unique nurturing cycle which increases their engagement and converts them to down the funnel, ready-to-buy buyers.

Drive 5% and more of the dealership sales every month just by reviving cold leads!

myautoIQ does an amazing job in turning dormant leads into buyers. Last month, it drove 16% of our monthly sales. Every month we average at least 10%.

No additional lead generation, blast marketing investments, or staff follow-up time is needed!
Schedule a demo to see how myautoIQ can create a steady pipeline of buyers from your dormant leads

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