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    Use the power of personalized marketing to increase your service and F&I revenue

Personalized Marketing Solution for Service and F&I

myautoIQ Marketing enables creation of truly personalized offers for service, warranty and prepaid maintenance, all through automated, guided, AI-driven self-service. myautoIQ applies intelligence to dealer’s existing customer information and uses engine power to mine the equity of dealer customer data set for trade-in, service, and F&I offers, enabling dealers to send focused offers only to those customers who are likely to use them. myautoIQ solution comes with inbuilt access to all the external data needed for your marketing efforts. And provides for automated offer delivery through email, postal mail or customer app

  • One Digital Marketing Solution for Service and F&I

    Marketing offer creation has never been simpler! Leverage myautoIQ Marketing to create offers for service, pre-paid maintenance and warranty. Use myautoIQ AI engine's predictive power to optimize your marketing efforts - get recommendations on which offers to create, which are popular, which service items are being used. All through an intuitive dashboard!

  • Simple, Guided Marketing Offer Creation and Personalized Delivery

    Marketing offer creation has never been simpler. Use our simple, guided interface for self-service creation of your marketing offers. Use pre-built templates for sending offers or copy from previous offers. Then, tap into the power of our personalized marketing engine to ensure the offer is sent to only those customers who need it and are likely to use it.

  • Automated offer delivery through email, postal mail or app

    Use our built-in plugins and templates to automate offer delivery through email, post or myautoIQ app!. Our personalization engine ensures every customer receives a personalized offer and not an apparent blast mailer. Change the way you work and take control of your marketing efforts with myautoIQ marketing

  • Personalized Marketing Power for Your Dealership