• Empower your customers
    Provide the convenience of a self-service customer app for managing all of their vehicle and dealer interactions

Provide unparalleled convenience to your customers through myautoIQ Customer app

myautoIQ customer self-service app is a key customer engagement, retention and loyalty building tool for your dealership. This app is not a replica of current dealership website but a personalized app for your customer that is focused on providing self-service, relevant information, and digital records. A Car is a major, frequently used asset and myautoIQ customer app enables customers to be in touch with their car's information and needs. The best part about it is that it comes free with your myautoIQ subscription. Yes, you can instantly start providing customer app driven scheduling, digital records, direct customer messaging, personalized offers and more without spending thousands of dollars.

Customer App Features

myautoIQ's Customer self-service app provides for easy scheduling, delivery of personalized offers, intelligent maintenance recommendations and recall alerts as per vehicle needs, and more. Convenient, real-time messaging & notifications for increased customer engagement:

  • Personalize Marketing and Build Trust

    Deliver real-time personalized offers to your customers for service, trade-in and F&I, driven by their needs, preferences and wants!

  • Self-Service Scheduling

    Easy, anytime, self-service scheduling capabilities with integrated maintenance, recall, marketing and estimates for the service!

  • Communicate with the customer in their preferred mode of communication

    Real-time texting through customer's app easy to use messaging interface, integrated with service orders, for direct one to one connection between service advisor or sales with the customer. Provide continuous updates on service progress, vehicle inspection report-readiness and new offers through the in-app notifications.

  • Increase customer engagement through personalized, relevant information

    Become the go-to for anything car by not just providing the customer with the digital records of service but also personalized information around the vehicle trade-in values and the ability to manage multiple cars through one app. Customer access to the personalized app is as easy as flipping an "ON" switch.


    Over last 4 years, recalls have averaged around 40 million vehicles per year and the trend is likely to continue in coming years. myautoIQ app enables auto dealerships to maximize recall revenue through myautoIQ’s self-service recall feature, which can be initiated by the customer or the dealer. See an uptick in your service revenue while bringing net new service customers to the dealership.

  • Monetize Recommended Maintenance

    Did you know that customers made aware of their maintenance needs spend significantly more on the service? myautoIQ app makes this process simple and transparent. myautoIQ app analyzes OEM recommended maintenance and vehicle usage to predict service requirements, prescribe offers and brings customers to the dealership for the recommended maintenance service, not just oil change.