• Do you know who's looking for
    the car that you want to sell?

Hundreds and possibly thousands of people in your dealer target areas have started their car buying journey. Some are actively researching online, while others are already talking to other dealers. And every day, new potential buyers are added. Do you know who those buyers are?

  • Did you know that dealers do not know of more than half of their buyers till they walk into the showroom?

  • Did you also know that most of the buyers are likely to do business with a brand if they offer personalized experiences?

  • Are you leaving it to chance that the new buyer will choose your dealership or OEM brand?

conquestIQ identifies target area buyers for your cars with recommendations to engage and close

myautoIQ's AI-engine works on the proprietary big-data, analyzes your dealer target area population and identifies the highest potential buyers who have started the car buying journey, for specific make and model or car types you want to sell. Results: Instead of shooting in the dark to thousands, you target your marketing efforts to a handful of high-quality prospects for specific cars.

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  • Target Buyer

    Generate targeted leads for make & model or car type

  • Target Area

    Generate leads for specific geographical target areas

  • Target profile

    Target buyers matching your dealership customer profile

  • Exclusive

    Targeted leads are exclusive for your dealership, and not shared

How does conquestIQ work?

myautoIQ’s AI engine uses machine and deep learning technologies, scans millions of data points, both nationally and locally, and builds behavior prediction models to score the auto buying population. conquestIQ then uses the behavior prediction models to identify the target buyer for specific car type or make and model for specific dealer target areas and matching dealer customer profile, and who have started the auto buying journey.

Define the conquest campaign

Creating a campaign is a simple, step-by-step guided process where dealers specify the target car (car type or make and model), target area, type of buyer (Used, New CPO), preference for a car (Domestic, import, luxury), along with the number of leads to generate. Or you can contact us to create the campaign for you.

AI-Engine identifies the targets

Once the campaign is created, AI-engine identifies the target buyers matching the campaign profile in your target area.

Check for active buyers and prioritize

The engine then scores the identified target buyers and identifies the ones actively shopping for a car. The next step is to prioritize the target buyers based on dealership profile of customers, picking the ones who have the highest likelihood of buying a car from the dealership.

Campaign results

conquestIQ presents all conquest campaign results through an easy-to-use interface which is a sortable, searchable, and filterable list of targeted buyers, with intelligence and scoring on every buyer.

Personalized messaging (coming soon)

conquestIQ will soon enable you to send a personalized email and postal mail messages, for the targeted list and using the customer intelligence, to multi-fold enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

conquestIQ Features

Find the target buyers

Instead of shooting in the dark to thousands, conquestIQ enables you to target your marketing effort to a handful of high-quality prospects for specific cars, with personalized messaging and engagement. conquestIQ enables you to find target buyers for:

  • Make and model or car type
  • Buyer type - New, used, CPO
  • Buyer car type preference - domestic, import, luxury
  • Specific target areas
  • Your competition

Lead scoring and engagement

scanIQ provides you personalized intelligence to prioritize and engage every lead:

  • Scores to drive lead prioritization - an overall myautoIQ score, customer score, active shopper score.
  • Customer recommendations, including likely next car, next car buying range, next car preference.
  • • Add trade-in recommendations to your customer engagement dashboard by entering the VIN and related details.