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Find Net-New Buyers and Convert to Warm Leads with conquestIQ


Today, customers find cars and car dealers. How do you change that reactive buying equation?

conquestIQ enables dealers to proactively find active buyers for the dealer inventory in specified target areas. Once the buyers are identified, we nurture the buyers based on buyer intelligence and convert them to warm leads.


The result is proactive, engaged buyer acquisition for your auto business.

We did not have a true "conquest" capability in our dealership's marketing arsenal. conquestIQ allows us to run targeted campaigns for specific makes and models in our inventory, and we can see clear attribution.

what can conquestIQ do for my auto business? 

Drive proactive, and targeted customer acquisition

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of buyers in your target area who have started their car buying journey. Over the next 2-3 months, they will be spending a lot of their time doing their research, visit many sites before they shortlist their next car and the dealer. Can you become proactive and reach out to this active buyer with a car that will appeal to them and an offer that puts you ahead?

Sample conquestIQ campaign


Targeted campaign for active Luxury, SUV buyers from target area of 100,000


Buyer Intelligence



5,000 active buyers identified

400 identified as Luxury, SUV buyers, likely to purchase in the next 90 days

Unique personalized nurturing cycle for each lead to maximize conversion potential

Deliver automated personalized messages, driven by the buyer and vehicle intelligence


conquestIQ identifies target area buyers for your cars. myautoIQ's AI-engine works on the proprietary big-data, analyzes your dealer target area population, and identifies the highest potential buyers who have started the car buying journey for specific make and model or car types you want to sell.

Convert to warm leads

conquestIQ nurtures the identified buyers and converts them to a down-the-funnel warm lead. Every buyer has a unique nurturing cycle to maximize conversion potential, highlighting the vehicles they are likely to buy next, suggesting similar cars, dealer value prop, offers, price changes, and the like.

Result: Instead of shooting in the dark to thousands, you target your marketing efforts to a handful of high-quality prospects for specific cars.

Get free auto buyer intelligence report for your dealership's target conquest area

Want to understand the buyer funnel and demographics for your dealership target area? Send us your dealership target conquest area information and we will create a custom auto buyer intelligence report for your dealership's targeted customer acquisition!   

Thanks for submitting your request! We will send you the auto buyer intelligence report for your target area shortly

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