Can you provide dynamic and personalized inventory options for your prospects?


Your buyers don't like to be sold; they like to be led. Recommending inventory options and alerts is one of the best ways to engage your prospect and lead them down the path of purchase.


Are you doing it, or are you still resorting to manual, cookie-cutter responses? Is your best response when the vehicle of interest is sold is "sorry the car got sold" and consider the lead lost? 

Change it with scanIQ and see the lead conversion rates increase by 30%+

For every lead that comes in, scanIQ provides lead and vehicle intelligence and uses it to personalize communication with the prospect. Instead of cookie-cutter responses, every lead gets personalized communications suggesting similar cars, ramp-up cars, and more. It also provides instant alerts for the vehicle getting sold (with alternate options), new inventory additions, price changes, and more.

The best part  - All the inventory driven lead engagement happens automatically and consistently, without wasting any staff hours. It can run in parallel with your current lead follow-up process. Or, use scanIQ's automated BDC capabilities as the first responder for driving personalized lead responses.