Can you conquest dormant leads?


Your dealership would have received hundreds and possibly thousands of leads over the last few months, which have gone dormant.


What if there was a way to identify active shoppers from your dormant shoppers?


What if you can start engaging the identified leads with messages that resonate, and bring them back when they are ready to buy?  

With scanIQ, you can! 

For every lead that comes in, and for dormant leads, scanIQ provides lead intelligence and uses it to identify active buyers.  It then nurtures leads, based on the myautoIQ’s unique buyer's intelligence. Instead of one or two common flyer emails for all, every lead gets personalized communication based on the car they are likely to buy next, suggesting similar cars, ramp-up cars, price changes, and more.

Let us help you make data-driven decisions to increase your lead conversion.​