How are you engaging after-hour leads?

Office Desk

For most dealerships, 1/3rd or more of the leads come outside the working hours. The typical response to the lead is we will contact you when we are back. However, a typical lead reaches multiple dealerships and you may likely lose the lead by the time you contact them. 


How can you start engaging the lead as soon as you receive it? 

With scanIQ you can! 

scanIQ automates and personalizes your lead follow-ups, based on the buying stage and myautoIQ’s unique buyer intelligence for every lead. It keeps your off-hour buyer engaged sharing details on the car, proposing car options, highlighting your dealership values based on the dealer profile, and more. It is working for you even when your dealership is not. The result - warmed up lead with a high dealership recall.

Let us help you make data-driven decisions to increase your lead conversion by 30%+