The auto1-customer engagement platform

Identify the right customer from the crowd

Engage the individual, not the masses

what can myautoIQ do for my auto business?

Engage your buyers. Drive efficient sales


myautoIQ provides buyer intelligence, like buyer's shopping stage, likely next car, car preferences, budget, likely inventory cars, and a lot more,  to help your auto business drive targeted customer acquisition and intelligent lead follow-ups.


myautoIQ delivers personalized, engaging, right-timed messages for every buyer. Every buyer has a personalized nurturing cycle driven by the buyer intelligence and the car they expressed interest in, suggesting similar cars, ramp-up cars, price changes, and more.


myautoIQ customer engagement platform automates your sales follow-up and drives new lead generation at scale. You no longer have to chase your sales, lead follow-up, and marketing teams for creating manual, cookie-cutter follow-ups or campaigns.


myautoIQ generated 27 appointments and 13 sales for my dealership, just by nurturing 1-month of our dormant leads that we received 6 months back!

how does myautoIQ work?

Customer engagement platform built for your auto business, powered by myautoIQ AI-Engines' auto buyer intelligence


myautoIQ's Artificial Intelligence Engine knows a lot about car buyers, what makes them tick, their buying life stage, and more. It enables your auto business to be proactive with customer acquisition by reaching out to new buyers in your neighborhoods for the cars you sell.

myautoIQ also scores every lead in real-time, enabling you to identify the top priority sales leads. Along with the buyer identification and lead prioritization, myautoIQ drives personalized nurturing automation to convert your leads into down the funnel buyers,

Take advantage of our Back-to-Business incentive 

As part of our commitment to helping our dealer partners come out strong after the recent challenging period, we offer a back-to-business incentive. Talk to us to avail yourself of this special offer!


what can I use myautoIQ for?

Intelligent automation for improving your sales performance

myautoIQ improves your sales performance while maximizing your return on existing investments with our proprietary buyer intelligence and customer engagement automation platform. Whether your need is to automate your follow-ups, find net-new buyers or increase the conversion rate of your inbound leads, myautoIQ can do it for your auto business. Here are some ways our customers use myautoIQ:


Automated BDC

Drive automated timely and personalized follow-ups for inbound leads as they come in or after your active follow-ups stop. Learn more

Convert Dormant Leads

Find new buyers for your cars from dormant leads without making new lead-generation investments. Learn more

Conquest Neighborhood Buyers

Identify and engage net-new neighborhood buyers for the specific makes and models in your inventory. Learn more

Inventory Nurturing

Automate nurturing of the leads with relevant inventory updates, stock and price change, alternates, and more. Learn more

After-hour Follow-ups

Start engaging after-hours leads as soon as they come in, whether your dealership is open or not. Learn more

Data-Driven Decisions

Get the insights and trends to make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize your sales and marketing spend. Learn more

Monthly pricing starting at $900

Simple, straightforward pricing. Select the features you want, the lead volume, and you are ready to go. Pay only for what you find useful for your business. Combine usage across stores and get even more discounts

why do customers love myautoiq?

Essential augmented intelligence for your auto business

myautoIQ AI works hand in hand with your auto business staff. Your sales and marketing teams see an increase in productivity when they leverage myautoIQ as it does the heavy lifting and plugs in your staff when human interaction is needed. Here are a few reasons why dealership sales and marketing teams love myautoIQ:

Drive personalized customer engagement at scale

myautoIQ drives personalized nurturing for every prospect. Imagine trying to replicate it with your staff?

Working 24 X 7

myautoIQ is working tirelessly on the leads and campaigns assigned - engaging, following up, and qualifying buyers 24 x7 

Comes with buyer-intelligence

myautoIQ uses buyer and vehicle recommendations to engage leads and converts them to a low-funnel buyer

Drive consistent follow-ups

There are no human errors with myautoIQ follow-ups. It is always diligently working, never dropping the ball or needing a reminder


Getting started with myautoIQ is simple!

myautoIQ does not need complex integrations or your auto business data to start delivering buyer intelligence, predictions, recommendations, and scores immediately. Start using myautoIQ and enrich your customer interactions without any tie-ins or lockouts while enhancing the ROI  of your existing investments