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myautoIQ analytics


Do you have the insights and trends to make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing budgets? Do you know who is buying from you, what is their profile, which cars generate leads but not sell, which online channels are working and which are not, what return are you getting on your online channel investment?

With myautoIQ analytics, you can! 

What can myautoiq analytics do for my auto business?

Single analytics view for your dealership

myautoIQ analytics couples myautoIQ buyer intelligence with inventory, online lead, website, ad-spend, and monthly sales data to provide a complete picture of your dealership's sales and marketing efforts. With myautoIQ analytics, you get an unbiased view of how your marketing efforts are working, how is my 3rd party providers ROI & conversion rate, who is buying from me, what is selling, and a lot more.


I have not seen anything like myautoIQ analytics. It combines my dealership data with external data and I finally know who my customer is, which neighborhoods I need to target, and what online channels are working. 

The full story of your online leads

  • What is the real attribution and ROI For online channels? 

  • How are my online lead volumes?

  • How should I plan my BDC staff schedules?

  • How effective is the lead follow up process?

Who is buying, what is selling?

  • Which neighborhoods do I attract the buyers and prospects from?

  • What is the profile of my buyers?

  • What is the profile of my inbound leads?

  • Which cars generate the most requests?

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