Customer engagement platform built for your auto business


Today, most auto businesses are unaware of who is actively shopping in their neighborhoods.  When buyers contact the auto business, they frequently get delayed, inconsistent, and cookie-cutter responses as the follow-up process are manual and don’t have any intelligence about the buyer. 

myautoIQ's proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine solves the missing buyer and vehicle intelligence problems. myautoIQ auto customer engagement automation uses the buyer and vehicle intelligence to automate and personalize your customer acquisition and engagement process.

myautoIQ Artificial intelligence engine

Industry's first real-time and buyer intelligence and scoring

Ever wondered why you are hooked to your favorite streaming video or music app and online shopping channels? They are driven by artificial intelligence algorithms that continuously recommend the next movie to watch, the next gadget to buy based on learning from interactions with their services, and creating a custom behavior profile. myautoIQ’s AI engine provides similar capabilities for your auto customer engagement and acquisition.

We used to blame our online lead providers for bad leads, which never got any responses. After myautoIQ came in, the number of bad leads went down, and conversion rates doubled for the same providers.

Imminent Buyer
Highly Engaged
Value Shopper
Considering Purchase
Prefers Luxury
Still browsing

myautoIQ's buyer intelligence provided consists of predictions, intent analysis, and recommendations for customer engagement and acquisition: 


The predictions include buyer shopping stage likely next vehicle, vehicle preferences, likely budget, and more. 

Intent Analysis

Intent analysis discerns intent from the buyer’s textual request to suggest the appropriate next steps.


The recommendations include inventory vehicles of interest, the offers likely to resonate with the buyer, and more. 

Partner with us

myautoIQ's buyer intelligence and customer engagement platform add value to many auto business ecosystem segments - manufacturers, dealer groups, CRMs, online lead providers, digital retail systems, marketing agencies,  external BDC's, and more. Talk to us if you want to integrate, white-label, use across dealer groups or OEM dealers or have a new use case. We strongly believe that a well-integrated ecosystem serves our customers the best!

How does it work?

Proven recipe of big-data, machine learning, and marketing automation

While what we are doing may appear to be rocket science, it is a well-established and straightforward approach for personalizing customer engagement in the online world of shopping and streaming sites; the critical difference is the use of the relevant offline and online data and AI-models for the needs of auto-customer interactions and the full auto-customer journey, from acquisition to engagement to retention. 

Proprietary Big-Data

myautoIQ consumes millions of raw data points across the customer and vehicle elements for the US auto buying population, including demographics, lifestyle, behavioral, shopping, manufacturer, industry, vehicle preferences, vehicle specs, and industry valuations data.

Create Personas

myautoIQ creates a customer and vehicle persona for every type of make & model of the vehicle based on the big data and finds the key factors and life events that drive the customer auto decisions.

AI Engine

myautoIQ Artificial Intelligence engine uses machine learning models to predict, recommend, and recognize the intent. Our models use everything from simple statistical algorithms, machine, deep learning, and recommender algorithms to natural language processing. 

Automate and Personalize Engagement

myautoIQ's customer engagement platform automates the sales, marketing, and follow-up process. It queries the engine in real-time through APIs, with the customer or leads data, to power personalized engagement.


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