Our Goal

Intelligent Auto Customer Acquisition and Engagement

Great online customer experience relies on three key factors - knowing your customer through their interactions, personalizing their experience, and providing automated predictions and recommendations.

Our goal is to provide similar capabilities to location-based businesses and embed them in the business workflow for maximum impact.

Our Story

We are living in a world today where online businesses know a lot about you and use machine-learning driven recommendations to get significant revenue uptick. Machine-learning driven personalization, recommendation, and predictions have increasingly become central to our lives, whether we are watching our favorite streaming movie channel or listening to music or shopping online.

However, this unprecedented innovation seems to be missing the location-based businesses. Being nerds at heart, we asked the question - Why? Why can't location-based business use the same super technology to boost their business and personalize their customer interactions and acquisition? When a customer walks into my dealership, why can I not get all the information about customer real-time? Being sci-fi movie geeks, we visualized a hologram surrounding each customer which gives the dealers all the information regarding the customer and their vehicle for optimal engagement, selling, and retention. Wouldn't that be cool? That thought is what got myautoIQ rolling.

What Is Important to Us?

Our Mission

To provide smart customer engagement and decision-making capabilities to the auto dealerships, embedded in the current business workflow.

Our Vision

To use digital technologies, proprietary big-data, and algorithms to intelligently influence every auto-customer dealer interaction.

Our Promise

Continuous Innovation: Our promise to solve three data-driven business decision problems for our dealer customers at no cost per year. Nothing excites us more!

Analytics & recommendations: myautoIQ’s goal is to make our dealer successful. We are continuously analyzing your business and share analytics and recommendations with our dealer partners.

Satisfaction Guarantee: In addition to making myautoIQ platform easy to get in or get out, we offer a full 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Meet myautoIQ Leadership

Vikrant Pathak
CEO, Chief Data Scientist

Rohit Sharma
Chief Technology Officer

James Fleming
Director of Sales

What makes myautoIQ different?


Real-time intelligence

myautoIQ provides real-time intelligence for auto-customer acquisition and engagement when customer interaction is happening or needed.

Proprietary Bigdata

The first step for myautoIQ's AI engine is to create a clean, unified big dataset across various customer elements which help us build a 360-degree view of the entire auto-buying population. myautoIQ consumes millions of raw data points, including demographics, lifestyle, behavioral, shopping, manufacturer, industry, vehicle preferences, vehicle specs, and industry valuations data.

Instant Business Value

myautoIQ delivers the AI predictions, recommendation, and scoring within the business workflow of the auto business to provide instant business value.

Proven Technology

myautoIQ applies the same AI and big-data-driven predict-recommend-learn cycle which is driving successful online models, to offline auto customer acquisition and engagement.

Let's Connect

Whether you have questions regarding our product, features, pricing, specials, or on embedding the myautoIQ intelligence in your product, or anything else, our team is happy to answer any questions. Fill out this form, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible